Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wet Meatballs

Well, I tried the "meatballs". I made them like I'd make any veggie meatballs and figured that would give me a good comparison. Basically, after I rinsed them off, I let them soak while I cooked up a big sauce pan of onion, mushroom, pepper and tomato.

They look like scallops, which is weird, because I've really only seen scallops on television. But these are rounder (I think scallops are flat?).

Here's the thing, these noodles are sometimes called "wet noodles" because usually you want to dry them out before you put sauce on them or they just feel too wet. I don't know how to describe it. They look like wet scallops, only round.

I think I didn't dry them out enough, and they taste, well, like scallop-sized but rounder wet balls in the middle of pretty good tasting mushrooms, onions, peppers etc. I'm pretty sure there's no way that Ronnie's going to try this...

Oh well. I think I'll try the spaghetti next...

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Anonymous said...

Do you remember the part in Freaky Friday where the neighbor kid talked about "beetloaf"? He had bad allergies and so they thought he meant meatlof, but he didn't; he wasn't allergic to anything in their apartment. I guess you can be thankful that they weren't "beetballs".