Friday, February 23, 2007

Casual Friday

I seem to have surprised everyone today by wearing jeans to work. It is casual Friday, but I think given how relatively casually dress on a daily basis, no one thought I could get much more casual without wearing pajamas to work. Evidently they just don't know me well enough. My boss did a double take - that was worth the whole thing.

I have to say, it is very comfortable to wear jeans and a t-shirt (long sleeve, from a Hillel conference - they shouldn't give them to us if they don't want us to wear them!) and tennis shoes to work. I may have to do it more often.

I'm pretty sure it won't effect my work product, so maybe I can lobby for Casual Wednesday...?

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Amazing Race

Well, the all-stars edition has begun. And while popular opinion says that Rob and Amber are completely annoying, they're also a great team to watch. They've got one goal in mind, they are are ruthless, completely competitive, and they aren't mean to each other. Dave and Mary don't have a chance, even though I wish they would.

Work these days also seems like an amazing race of sorts. Will we actually get 4000 students on buses, or even have time for them to apply before registration closes? Who knows?! The numbers are creeping up way, way too slowly.

And in March, the travel begins again - Chicago/Milwaukee, New Orleans, Orlando, training (who knows where) and then back to Israel. St. Louis at some point? more Milwaukee? Unfortunately, Phil won't be waiting at the mat to tell me whether I've been eliminated or not....