Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Hotel will Speak for Itself

I had a strange hotel room the last three nights. Not one outlet save the one that the television was plugged into. In fact, the cord on the desk lamp had been left hanging since there was no where to plug it in. I'm not sure why there even was a lamp in that case. The bed side lamps were attached to the wall (as opposed to sitting on the nightstand), which was fine, except that the switch to turn them on and off was on the wall in a place where even a person with very long arms would have to get up out of bed to turn them off. Having only one outlet meant I had to decide whether to charge my phone or watch tv. I don't like decisions like that.

Many of the rooms I've stayed in have a hot water kettle and tea bags, sugar etc. This room obviously couldn't because there would have been no where to plug in the kettle. Never the less, there was a card on the desk that read,

"Dear Guests,
Your room is equiped with a coffee/tea making set
For your conviniance we are happy to oper you a coffee packege which includes:
Black coffee, instant coffee, decafenated coffee, tea, non diary cream milk, sugare, artaficial sweather
For the price of 10 NIS
You mey purchuse the coffee/tea package at the lobby or dail the room service"

Seriously - all those spelling errors were theirs - not my poor typing!

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Anonymous said...

Those don't sound like mistakes made by an Israeli; there were probably some Thais working there who slipped down (don't know where you were) from the Thai Village.
WHY does AVI believe he's your only reader?