Friday, March 27, 2009

Clinic Visits

Like my role in Israel, here in New Orleans, I take people to the clinics. Yesterday, I took a boy to the St. Bernard Clinic located in the parking lot of the Wal-mart that has been closed since Katrina. From the outside, the clinic looks like it's made up of six or eight mobile homes. But when you walk in, it looks like a full clinic. I'm not sure how they did that with the space available in the mobile homes, but they did.

The boy I brought in had been hit in the eye with a basketball. He just wanted his eye checked out and it turned out that he has a small scratch. The doctor was great. He's also the parish coroner and told us just part of his Katrina story. He was in the St. Bernard Hospital when things started flooding. They had 50 patients who hadn't been evacuated and over the next few days, several of them died from the heat and consequences of having no electricity.

The one thing I noticed about the exam room, was that there were posters on the wall, cute little sayings, and other random but interesting things to look at. I mentioned it to the nurse and she said that it was the doctor's idea and that the walls in the other doctors' rooms were blank

And today I went to the New Orleans Health Clinic with a girl who injured her leg. She's fine but needed a few stitches. This clinic was the cleanest place we've been so far. They were doing a brisk business of tourists, so I guess business is good!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you left the first comment. I didn't have time to read the whole thing because I've been busy applying for new credit cards, and ordering lots more cool stuff that I HAVE TO HAVE with the other credit cards that I already have. It DID confirm what I've always believed,however. Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Phil are the the cause of all of our economic woes. Frankly, I have never trusted that Oprah ever since I heard her say she liked to change her sheets every day. I mean, what's with that? And Dr. Phil, well, I never trust anyone who refuses to use a last name.
So, thanks Andrea and Anonymous Poster. I feel much better now!