Saturday, July 18, 2009

And it's not even 7:30am!

I just set up our wireless network. It's actually fairly simple, but if you don't know how to do it, it doesn't matter whether it's simple or not. And, as a reward for setting it up, it works.

This means I can work from home and not jump from Panera to Starbucks, back to Panera and then to the laundromat (yes, the laundromat around the corner from us boasts wireless access).

Our cable television is also now working. To be fair, all I had to do was let Bernard into the house - I didn't actually have to set that up! I have probably not watched television in any kind of intentional way in almost two months. Maybe more. Without LOST, there's really no point, anyway.

But... the Tour de France is on, and that is my sport of choice. And save for about 45 minutes at a friends house the other day, I've seen none of the coverage. So if you call this week and we don't answer, we're watching le Tour.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! You could moonlight as a GEEK - if you wanted to.....

Emily Pearl Goodstein said...

my family likes to have an informal (okay, who are we kidding, it is formal and cut throat) about who can get more done before 9:00 AM. once i thought I had won by uploading and editing over 300 photos, writing two blog posts, and changing my sheets. i was quickly put in my place when my mom responded with her pre 9AM list:

loaded, ran, and unloaded the dishwasher
got coffee at Panera
walked to Bethesda
had my hair cut and colored
bought a dozen lilies at the farmer's market
walked home

ALSO, I just got cable and now have TV for the first time in over 8 months. I am not really sure how to explain the many ways that the DVR has changed my life.

Anonymous said...

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