Friday, July 09, 2010

Harmony Bay Coffee

This is a great company, and before you ask, no, they did not pay me to write that!

More than a year ago, I bought some Harmony Bay Coffee at Trader Joe's and when I went back to get more, I was told they stopped carrying it. So I went on-line and found the company to see where they sold their coffee locally. I didn't find out because I noticed that they sold coffee on-line and that they were offering free shipping (evidently a very occasional promotion).

So I ordered a lot of coffee on-line.

Flash forward to Thursday (no, this is not about LOST) and we've got one day left of coffee. So I find myself back on the Harmony Bay site about to order coffee annoyed that I didn't think of ordering last week. And I can't find any free shipping promotion - bummer. Nevertheless, I fill my virtual cart and I'm ready to check out. But there's this very tempting "discount code" box right there, taunting me.... I looked on other sites to see if there were coupons available, and found nothing.

I was about to hit 'purchase now' when it occured to me that I could call and ask if they had any specials that weren't on the website. The man that answered could not have been nicer and immediately told me that they had a 20% off promotion available this week to their Facebook friends.

So I ordered two more cans of coffee. (Dennis, yes, I can hear you cringing.) But wait, it gets better.

I ordered the coffee yesterday morning. Today, it's at my front door. I definitely did not pay for extra-fast overnight UPS shipping (though I should double-check the invoice!). And bonus - tomorrow does not have to be a caffeine-free day!


Jacob said...

Continuing your commercial for Harmony Bay coffee, it is also available at BJ/s, at least in Wilmington, De.

But I'm sorry...I'm a decaf drinker

Uncle Yiank

PIVFAH said...