Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Me and the Couch to 5k

For the last five weeks I've been participating in a Couch to 5k program. Basically, it's designed to take people from sitting on the couch to running 5 kilometers (3.1 miles). There's an irony here though, because I don't actually believe in running unless there's a fire, or a bear, or maybe a tornado.. Essentially, it's against my religion. But, like riding a motorcycle and shooting a gun, I think it's an important life skill. You know, just in case.

So I started the program with three women from Boot Camp (a whole different story for another day). The overall program is about intervals of running and walking. The first day was 60 second runs followed by 90 second walks. Or maybe vice versa, but there were 8 run/walk intervals and I thought I was going to die.

As I am still writing some five plus weeks later, I clearly did not die.

This week, week five (but really week six because we did week four twice) is where things get much more difficult and I have not given up the possibility that this will be the week I meet my maker. I am not looking forward to the experience.

And here's the thing, were it not for peer pressure, I could quit. Peer pressure has never really gotten to me, so this is a totally new phenomenon. Basically, there is one woman who I told to join the little band of former couch potatoes and if I quit, she'll kill me. So either I die running, or I die not running.

All I know, is that once I finish this program, I better encounter a bear. Or a tornado.


The Whiner said...

Make sure that, when you encounter the bear, at least one person with you hasn't been practicing her running.

Barry Krost said...

I was only able to do Tai Chi regularly because of the folks involved and the subtle and not so subtle peer pressure.

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

YAY FOR YOU!!!!!! It will get better. Do you know that I can jog up stairs now, and enjoy it? I have lost 80 pounds (not since you saw me last, since around when my mom passed away).

I'm happy for you and sending you hugs,


Ben Hoffman said...

You don't have to be fast to outrun the bear, just faster than the person next to you.
Good luck with the tornado.

Naomi said...

I'm so proud of you! You'll feel better and better the longer (I mean the more years) you consistently exercise. If you find the running is too hard on your body (it was on mine), walking is excellent as well. Kudos to you!!!

Clare Goldwater said...

I am so impressed! I am also going to boot camp (outside in our local park) these days. I can totally relate, but I haven't got to the running for 5K stage yet. I hope I never will!

Anita said...

Very impressed! Can you come peer-pressure me too? I can't seem to get off the metaphorical couch. Yay, you!