Thursday, December 16, 2010

Greek Orthodox Chanukah

We had hoped to have Ronnie's family over during Chanukah. It didn't work out. Really, it was more like herding cats than planning a party. No one was available at the same time on any day. So we planned a gathering for the 11th night of the festival and assumed that we'd jerryrig a menorah.

That didn't work out either.

Fast forward to the heretofore unknown 19th day of Chanukah, and everyone is coming. And then some. But, because the party is really a week after the original planned gathering, we decided that it would be more of a Greek Orthodox Chanukah.

We're serving Greek food. Yes, we are fully aware that the Greeks were not the heroes in the story. But Hasmonean food has never been known to be at all delicious, and, well, Greek food is.

And for the record, there will not be saganaki.


Anonymous said...

Are you making stuffed grape leaves that I remember you made long ago?

Andrea said...

no stuffed grape leaves - it was way too much work! we're doing stuffed peppers instead.

The Whiner said...

A tasty time had by all.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to leftovers! Lucky us!