Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sock Day

It's Sock Day. That's the day I need to wear socks again after a long, barefooted spring and summer. There's no particular temperature that demarcates the festivities, just a point at which a choice must be made between very cold toes and the inevitability of returning to the sock drawer.  I always try and push Sock Day as far forward as possible, but today, in 2016, today is the day.


On the upside, this brings back a whole group of shoes left alone in the closet during the spring and summer and the difficult decision of which should be chosen for this occasion.  Truth be told, it's not such a difficult choice. I don't own that many pairs of shoes and it's easy to figure out that today isn't a day for heels or tennis shoes or motorcycle boots (though I do love my boots...).

I may be wearing socks but I refuse to put on a jacket yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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