Friday, June 15, 2007

Back at Hof Gai

Well, I'm back at Hof Gai, trying (successfully) to be back on line and get some work done. I'm in Tiberius through Shabbat and still have to brave the pre-Shabbat shopping insanity to get some things for our staff oneg. There will be 17 people, plus any random tour educators that decide to come. That's a lot of stuff to get and I think it means stopping at at least two stores, maybe three. Or I could brave the shuk, but that would require a level of stamina I just don't want to exert today.

Last night, one of the staff members took me out for my anniversary. He felt bad for me last year when I was here and Ronnie was in the US and said he'd take me out, but it didn't work out. This year, when I knew he'd be staffing, and that it would be this week, I called him and told him he had a chance to make up for last year. It was a long day yesterday and really, all I wanted was a big fountain soda. Knowing that doesn't exist here, I got a bottle of diet coke and a chocolate milk shake. Not the same, but it hit the spot.

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Jacob said...

Well, OK. Since you mentioned it and I didn't send you a card (for a change ?????).............
Happy Anniversary

Uncle Jake