Tuesday, June 05, 2007

updates +

1. The box that was packed with something that began ticking every morning at 6:30am every morning, has not yet been upacked and it continues to tick. Only now that the box resides in the Central Standard Time, it begins it's call at 5:30am.

2. The proper quote and citation is: "We will know we have become a normal country when Jewish thieves and Jewish prostitutes conduct their business in Hebrew" The author: David Ben Gurion.

3. I cannot use a hospital as home base as our participants get taken to too many different ones! Tonight, for example, we are using Ziv hospital in Tzfat for one of our students. We have not yet had a hospital chosen for us in Jerusalem, but the night is still young.

It's another clear, cool night in Jerusalem. You would never know it was blazing here during the day. The participants are all exhausted having come from an early morning at Masada, a hike at Ein Gedi and a dip in the Dead Sea. Hopefully it will be a quiet night.

We had another shehechiyanu ceremony today with four buses. For the first time, there was an awning set up at the site we use. Given the heat and the sun, it was great. I think it's only up for the Hebrew U Board of Governers meetings, but it doesn't matter to me. The good news, is that I didn't get another parking ticket while there. I got one last week, but at least Aryeh also got one and took care of both of them. They're 100 shekels - that's like $25! I've never gotten a ticket at a shehechiyanu before. Today I found the parking ticket machine and put in my three shekels and paid for plenty of parking. I did not buy a ticket for Aryeh - he was on his own!

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