Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I've stayed in chalets on two different kibbutzim/moshavim the last two nights. They're beautiful, well appointed, and in the middle of nowhere. A few things that make no sense:
  • Israel has a water crisis. There isn't enough. It hasn't been raining enough and water use in general is on the rise - for the general population, for agriculture, business etc. And yet every chalet has its own jacuzzi. Go figure.
  • Like I said, the chalets are very nice. But once again, they have the towels of a 1950's kibbutz. Thin, scratchy and the size of a postage stamp. And I guess if they are going to be thin and scratchy they may as well be small....
  • Lastly, in the first chalet, there was a build-your-own shower. The shower head was in the corner of the bathroom and the two other walls folded in so that there was more space to move around in the bathroom. When it was time to shower, you could simply unfold the walls and take your shower. People pay a lot of money to stay in nice places like this AND they still have to build their own shower?! Not to mention that unless you're handy with a squeegee, it once again feels like you're back at the old-school kibbutz bathrooms.

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Anonymous said...

Wish you could have provided a link to or a photo of the fold-down walls in the bathroom! Can't picture that!
(The jacuzzi's are for effect....)