Sunday, January 13, 2008

In case you were wondering...

Pear-Kiwi juice is not as good as Pear-Kiwi-Banana Juice. Unfortunately, I have the former in my refrigerator and not the latter. And even though I know that kiwi is a primary ingredient, i still a slightly disturbing shade of green to consume.

I did finally have to use a map today. It wasn't actually so helpful because it didn't have the street on it I needed to find.I did finally get just a little lost today. Or, rather, I didn't really get completely lost, I just needed to use a map. Which it turned out didn't really have all the streets on it that I needed. So I was only 10 minutes late to my meeting.

And I finally have clean laundry. It's still sitting in the big plastic garbage bag it came back to me in, but it's clean.

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