Saturday, April 12, 2008


I've been traveling all week. Sunday was LA, Tuesday was Tampa, Thursday DC. Monday will be back to Milwaukee.

In LA, at our first stop (before checking into the hotel) my traveling companion realized that her mousse had exploded in her bag. Nothing was ruined, but some things were wet. The bigger problem of course was that she no longer had any mousse.

I had only flown half-way across the country while she had flown half-way across the globe. Either way, by the time we checked into our hotel later that night, we were both exhausted.

But it was still only 8pm on the west coast and still a bit light outside. Too early to sleep. So in addition to asking the hotel clerk for directions to a drugstore, she also began explaining (hopefully for reasons that can only be explained by the sheer tiredness) to this poor clerk why she needed a drugstore. So again, I hear the story of her mousse exploding.

To which I finally respond "you should have seen it, there were antlers everywhere!"

My traveling companion did not think this was nearly as funny as I did. And nearly a week later, I still think it's funny. So there.

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