Thursday, September 25, 2008

Too Much Coffee?

I wasn't sure it was possible until today, and I'm still not convinced. But really, I think it's just maybe possible that I've had too much coffee today.

I probably wouldn't have gone out at all this morning except that I left my jacket at Einstein's yesterday. So I had to go back today. Yes, a rational person might say that I could have simply picked up my jacket and not also had two large coffees (free refills), but it was 6:30am and if I were already rational at that hour I wouldn't want the coffee!

And then I had a 10am meeting at a different coffeeshop. And it's a place with really good coffee. And it was. Two more larges for me (more free refills)!

And then I had a 2pm meeting at yet a third coffee shop, and they have the greatest ice coffee in town.

And now, I think I've had enough. I think.


Anonymous said...

You're setting yourself up for a HUGE headache on Yom Kippur. Most people are trying to taper down a bit by now.
(Hope ALL those coffee shops had clean restrooms.)

The Whiner said...

I had only one cup of coffee today -- which my lovely wife brought me -- but I'm sitting here writing and you're fast asleep in the next room. What's wrong with this picture?

Anonymous said...

You know what is good when you've had too much coffee? Too much Ambien.

Andrea said...

You're funny! Have you tried the green pills instead? (you know, the NyQuil?!)