Sunday, September 07, 2008

Weekend in Milwaukee

Wow! I was actually home for the last three nights, and unless I'm mistaken, I've got 9 more to go. I don't think I've been home 12 nights in a row for months. This means several things:

  • All of my meetings are on the phone. I'm not actually sure if that's good or bad.
  • I definitely get more done. There are far fewer interruptions than when I worked in the main office.

  • I can buy produce and know that it will be eaten. Of course that's assuming it doesn't get frozen in our strange and mysterious refrigerator.
  • I can eat chili or black bean and onion omelettes for breakfast.
  • I don't have to eat out. I don't usually mind it when I travel because at home, we don't eat out much at all. But after a while....

  • I am not subject to discombobulation or, more importantly, recombobulation.
  • I can use toiletries that are normal-sized and I don't have to put them back in a quart ziptop bag.
  • I can read the paper every day, on actual paper. And do the crossword puzzle and sudoku in pen and not online.
  • I can wear different clothes. Meaning that when I travel, I tend to bring the same three or four things with me because they travel well. At home, I can dress a bit more casually (no, not in pajamas!) and generally not worry about going out with brown pants, a blue shirt and green (or pink) crocs.
  • I have a choice of shoes. When I travel, maybe I have two pair with me, sometimes only one. It's gets boring.


The Whiner said...

"And I get to see my husband every day!"

Apparently there was some computer glitch that deleted that part.

Man, a malfunctioning refrigerator and computer! Maybe it's an electrical problem.

Andrea said...

You are so right. Two technological malfunctions in one week is definitely the universe conspiring against me!