Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Damn Dam

The Hoover Dam is really, really big. Last October they reinstated the tours that go way far down into the dam and that's the tour we took. The difference between the regular power plant tour and the "way down into the dam" tour is significant. We were in a group of 20 people trolling around the tunnels and hallways on the Nevada and Arizona sides of the dam, looking out the vents, down the really steep pre-OSHA staircases and finally out over the edge. It's a big place.

And their building a big bridge over the canyon. In my opinion, it's going to totally destroy what is now a beautiful view. Forget that it will be an engineering feat - it's still going to be an eyesore. Think of the Holyland buildings in Jerusalem - a total fish out of water. And in the bridge's case, over water.

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