Sunday, March 16, 2008

More on Blue Plastic Wrap

First, evidently I should not be complaining about blue Saran Wrap because we do not have blue Saran Wrap. We have blue Plastic Wrap (by Reynolds, if that matters). Either way, I still don't like it.

But I don't want to throw it away, either. That would be a waste. So I've been trying to be more conscious about using it. I suppose in a sense that's tantamount to throwing it away since we own a bazillion plastic containers that will hold nearly everything I would need to wrap up. But somehow it seems that it's less wasteful if it's at least used, even needlessly.

Today I was thinking, "Wow. I wonder how much longer this will last. I really don't think I can use it fast enough." When, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed three frightful words (technically, two words and a number/symbol): BONUS 25% MORE!

What?! It's not enough to figure out how to use how much ever is left from the 100 square feet the container was supposed to include - now I have to use an additional 25 square feet?!

To put this in perspective, 25 square feet is a 5 by 5 area. That's bigger than a bathtub, bigger than the largest surface on a refrigerator, and, I believe, enough to cover our love seat. No, not all at the same time. But still - that's a lot of extra blue stuff I have to use. This is definitely not cool.


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Silverlakeguy40 said...

I enjoyed your dilemma!

I've been looking for blue wrap for a Halloween I Googled it trying to find a retailer who stocks it. Too bad you're not in Houston because I would happily relieve you of your blue burden!

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