Sunday, June 08, 2008

I met a man with 7 wives.

Ok, that's not true. He had one wife and 7 children. They were all tall and blond, except for the little kids, who were blond and not yet tall. The men were all wearing kipot in various styles. One had a knit one with blue concentric circles. One had a red velvet one with gold trip. One had a blue velvet one with silver trip. You get the picture.

So first, it's odd enough to see anyone wearing a kipah in the airport right now as it is already chag. Second, it's fairly odd to see a family so large who are all tall and blond here in Israel. They're on my flight and we were waiting in the check-in line together. After the flight to Atlanta, they have a 4 hour flight to Oregon (Portland, if I remember correctly) and then a 2 hour drive to wherever their home is. Evidently they come here once a year and the kids are excited because they just bought a home in Tiberius. I'm not sure how excited the infant really is, but I'll take his word for it.

My guess is that they got a big house for not so much money. You would think that lake front real estate would be at a premium there, but the international market has not yet figured out that Tiberius is just waiting for them....

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have/take/make the opportunity to find out more of their story! I'll bet it's a good one!