Friday, June 20, 2008

A Militaristic D'var Torah

Somehow, with no proactive actions on my part, I find myself receiving weekly Torah explanations from the Jewish Defence League. They're Canadian so yes, that's spelled correctly. I've only received three and while in general I'm not interested, it's like a crash on the side of the road you can't help but slow down for. (One in which no one is hurt, by the way).

To read their commentary, it's like Genghis Khan writes the Torah. I know the Torah covers all sorts of violent topics but not everything is about the Jews being in peril. It just can't be. The JDL concludes that the Torah portion this week (Shelach) tells us to be suspect of our leadership. The text is about the spies being sent to Canaan and how 10 of them come back and say we can't conquer the people there and 2 spies disagree.

It seems to me that the lesson should be that you can't trust all spies.

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