Sunday, June 08, 2008

The last word on the Shalom Hotel

I'm not sure who the Journo Family is, but I found myself stealing their wireless signal for the last day or so at the Shalom Hotel. If anyone knows them, please thank them for me.

I've left the Shalom Hotel, destined not to return for at least six months. By then, I am hopeful that there will be remote controls for the televisions I think it's probably too much to expect to think they would have sheets that fit the mattresses.

It is Erev Shavuot and I'm flying in a few hours. The airport is quiet, as it usually is at this hour. And there is no place to eat, at least before passport control. There will probably be something to get beyond that, but for now, as I'm waiting for another hour to check in, almost everything is closed.

I have a window seat toward the front of the plane. It's not a full flight, but it appears that my row is full. If I want to take my chances, I can sit farther back and I might have an empty seat next to me. I hate sitting farther back in the plane.... I just won't drink a lot of water and I'll hope for good movies.

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