Tuesday, July 11, 2006

more lentils in the bowl

Despite that fact that the only responses I have received so far have indicated that I should shut down the Lentil Bowl until my next trip, I think it's going to keep going. Why, because I see too many things that deserve some mention.

Today, it's people who wear white pants/shorts. It's hot here in DC and white seems to be a popular color. Which is fine, unless you're wearing blue or red or green or patterned underwear. And these are people who are working in government offices, not tourists who didn't think about what they were wearing for the day.

And then there are those (again in white pants) who aren't wearing colored undergarments, but are wearing pants that allow us to see that they are wearing underwear. They either need a better cut of underwear, looser pants a skirt. Really, I would just as soon not have to see their underwear at all.

On the flip side of that though, there are the people wearing tight pants or shorts who appear not to be wearing underwear at all. I'm not sure what the answer is for them, but it's just not a good look.

And lastly, there was a woman I saw dressed in white capris who, by the ID card hanging around her neck is clearly a government worker. She had a nice shirt on. And 4-inch stilletos that she could barely walk in. It was a ridiculous outfit, mainly because of the shoes and not the white capris, but a tenuous connection is enough for me.


Anonymous said...

I bought red shoes with white pok a dots on them on Shenkin. Wish you could see them!

Welcome Home!

Toby said...

Apparently, the Style Network considers visible panty lines (vpl) the worst possible offense. Who knew you were on the cutting edge of fashion commentary?

Anonymous said...

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