Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The very last trip up North (this round)

Yesterday we drove to Tzfat and Tiberius. In Tzfat, Ronnie got to meet the man who has pretty much decorated our house, Morris Dahan. In Tiberius, I was finally able to meet up with our third to last bus. We were going to have to rush back to Jerusalem for a meeting early afternoon at the Taglit offices, but last night, the meeting got rescheduled for Wednesday. Since the bus we were with was going up to the Golan, and I did need to get back to J-lem by 6pm, it didn't make sense to stay with the bus.

Instead, we took a detour back to J-lem via Kibbutz Usha where Ronnie has family. We got a little lost going through Kiryat Ata, and then once we found the kibbutz, we just sort of wandered around until we found the workplace of one of the cousins. By 1pm we'd found them all, had a great visit, and we left around 2:30. Ronnie and I got to practice our Hebrew, and they got to practice their English. I think their skills may be a bit better than ours, but we held our own. We hadn't seen them for 10 years, but other than the now teenage girls, everyone looked the same.

Then it was back to Jerusalem. We witnessed the aftermath of a horrific truck/car collision on the way to main toll road south. It tied up traffic for miles, thankfully in the other direction. The good part of the ride - a quick stop at Aroma for sandwiches (one haloumi, one havita). They aren't the easiest things to eat while driving, but hey, it's a rental car.

I was only at the apartment for about 30 minutes when I had to leave for my second to last Shehechiyanu ceremony of the summer. Only one more to go!

Time flies - tomorrow is full of meetings and programs, Ronnie leaves on Thursday, then there's Shabbat, and I leave on Sunday.... There are more than a few friends and family members I haven't seen yet, and probably won't, at the rate things are going.

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