Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Did I mention....

That in addition to Chicago, Indianapolis and St. Louis, that we spent last Thursday in Milwaukee? Perhaps I forgot because it was so traumatic.

We went to see how our house was doing. Our tenant had fallen short on her rent for the last two months and we'd been told that the house couldn't possible show well to future tenants given the state in which she was keeping it. Her mother died about 8 months ago and had really been the one holding things together. We are incredibly lucky that things didn't fall apart rent-wise in the middle of winter, when the prospects for new tenants would be less than nil.

So we pull up to our house. And out of the front door walks a teenager with his pants belted just below his crotch. I realize that Milwaukee is sometimes a little behind on the fashion trends, but a) this was a LOT of behind, and b) as far as I can tell, that trend has been over for even the U.P. to get the idea. And, he had no shirt on, which led us to surmise that he leads a lifestyle that includes a great deal of television, potato chips and twinkies. (Hmm, this could explain his not being able to pull his pants up farther.)

So our first reaction - ewww. We met our manager, Toni, and went into the house. And we met the tenant, who just seemed like the kind of person who would have a son who can't pull up his pants. The house was cleaned up more than the last time Toni had been there, but we were still pretty shocked. The whole place was just a mess. (Our second reaction - ewww.) It's going to take a good amount of work to make sure we can rent the place again. Pulling up carpeting, repainting pretty much everything, fixing windows and screens, filling the holes in the yard dug by their dog, tiling the bathroom floor and putting in a new vanity....

And we still need to find a new tenant (if you know anyone looking for a 4 bedroom house in Milwaukee....)

The redeeming part of the day - returning to our favorite restaurant from 5 years ago and realizing that it hasn't changed at all.

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madduxfan31 said...

I think Andrea might have given the wrong overall impression: This house will be in top form in two weeks, just like it was five years ago when we started renting it out. Some of the work is routine maintenance that we haven't had any time to perform, since tenants have been so eager to move in. (The house hadn't been vacant a single day until this weekend. The previous tenant is actually still responsible for August rent, and the unpaid July rent, and the unpaid June rent, and, and, . . . and we hope she will eventually pay off the judgment that will be registered in small-claims court any day now . . . but we're not exactly holding our collective breath.)

The damage is very upsetting to us but it's relatively minor, and we'll treat this as an opportunity to make the house even better that it was. So, if you DO know anyone looking for a house to rent in Milwaukee, you wouldn't be steering them wrong if you suggested 2464 Humboldt Blvd.

Now, on to more important things: I chose my user name to honor Greg Maddux, #31. Except Greg Maddux is now #36. Maddux was traded to the LA Dodgers Monday. (Thank God! The Cubs have been desecrated, disfigured, and decimated by Dusty Baker, the worst manager in the history of the game--and I'm including the 19th century, people.)

Dodger Brad Penny was #31 and, shockingly, still wears #31. He had the selfishness and utter chutzpah to not immediately insist that the future first-ballot Hall-of-Famer continue to wear the number he's worn for 21 major-league seasons. In baseball etiquette, this is a major--and unprecedented--shandeh. Maddux is the most selfless player in the game, though, and he probably couldn't care less. I care, though, and I hope some of the more muscular players on the Dodgers also care and "encourage" Penny to hand Maddux his rightful number.

If this were the Japanese baseball league, I expect Penny would already have committed the unintentional version of hari-kari (no, not Harry Caray, seppuku!).

Wearing any number, Maddux remains the classiest player in the game, not to mention the smartest. And though he's not the dominant pitcher he was a decade ago, he's still effective and takes the ball every fifth day no matter what. (As he says, and I'm paraphrasing, something always hurts when you're a pitcher. What does that have to do with anything?) And as the National League Pitcher of the Month in April of this season, he might still have some dominance left in that right arm.