Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sardines and Avocados

I kid you not - I sat across from a man at breakfast who was eating sardines and avocados and drinking cinnamon coffee. There is really only one word that can even come close to adequately describing this experience - EWWWW.

We finally finished building the very last piece of IKEA furniture that's been sitting boxed in our house for so many months that it's embarrassing. In any case, it's done, and looks pretty good. I hope it's not a big problem that I had four screws and a wooden peg left over.... (and no, they weren't just extras in the bag).

And we cleaned up the basement last night and today. It's not quite done, but it's in a good place. In addition to having more drill bits and screw drivers than I'm sure we need, we also found a lot of dead crickets. At least they were dead....


madduxfan31 said...

Once again, the purveyor of this site is libeling the man who often sits across the table from her at breakfast. (Full disclosure: we probably SIT down for breakfast TOGETHER at HOME about twice a month.)

First, let's give the full story, in all its splendor: I actually had my first sardine fix the night before, accompanied by a hard-boiled egg, for a late-night snack. It was such a smashing success that I was moved to duplicate the experience, with a few adjustments, this morning.

Second, Ms. Lentil Bowl set me up for a blog posting by asking, "Do you realize how many sardines you have in the cabinet?" (To all of you who know her well, you realize that she's fully capable of such treachery.) Third, she knew what I would be eating BEFORE she sat down to eat; she even approved it, though I don't remember if this was verbal or via body language (i.e., rolling her eyes to indicate 360 degrees of approval).

The coffee, by the bye, was one-part cinnamon flavor to three-parts plain decaf, and it should be added that what really made the whole breakfast come together was the accoutrement if cheese--Jarlsberg chunks to be specific. You see, both Mr. & Ms. Lentil Bowl were hankering for a hunk of; a slab, a slice, a chunk of; we hankered for a hunk of cheese.

Let's be fair here, though. The wife put together that last piece of furniture all by herself (okay, she used screwdrivers and stuff like that, but still . . .), and it's awesome! SHE made a great start cleaning up the storage room last night, and I did my part this morning. (There were enough crickets to go around. For the curious . . . just like chicken.) The impetus for the clean-up was the yard-sale coup we made the day before--of course, no cash was exchanged on Shabbat--two ladders and a weight bench with big bar and weight, as well as two small barbells. Our storage room is now half weight room.

With the temperatures still hot and all the physical work done today . . . it was a two-bath*, three-shirt day for Mr. Lentil Bowl. If you want underwear data, you'll have to e-mail me personally.

*That's right, Mr. Lentil Bowl takes baths. Anybody got a problem with that?

Louisiana Joan said...

This is getting to be like "DUALING
Blogs"! How unique!

After first reading this blog entry (from MS Lentil Bowl) I wondered: "WHERE in the world did she eat breakfast?" Never thought it would be at HOME! (I didn't know Mr. Lentil Bowl eats sardines.)

The first thing it brought to mind was the story from a friend who returned from Israel this week. She was on Delta and she's wheat-intolerant AND doesn't eat treif meat. They had absolutely NOTHING she could eat. The kosher meal she requested was BREADED fish, and eventually, she opened a can of sardines she brought - GROSSING out the young man seated next to her.

Dualing, dueling, whatever - BLOG on!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lentil Bowl Bathes? I am glad to see that my husband isn't the only one. This bathing habit used to be a weekend activity, but lately it has morphed into an everyday event. He swears it takes the same amount of time as a shower, but I don't buy it. I can vouch for the fact that zero bath beads or bubbles are used. Although he claims to be proud of the bathing thing I still feel the need to leave my comment as anonymous (not sure if that is for his or my sake).