Friday, September 22, 2006

Lunch Pt. Deux

Every few days, I bring a bag of sundry food items to eat over the course of a week for lunch. Among the mix are often Boca Burgers, yogurts, and hard-boiled eggs. And of course, there are always the TastyBites. A new order just arrived this week, which is pretty exciting in and of itself. But it's not relevant to my story today.

Today, being Friday, I figured I should eat the hard-boiled eggs that I brought earlier so they didn't continue to sit in the fridge over the weekend and until I get back on Tuesday. They were in a CVS bag, and since the bag also contained other foods that I'd brought from home, I did not worry that I was eating someone else's lunch.

The eggs were in a ziplock bag, which I just always think is better than having the eggs start cracking with other food around and who knows what will get in them. Well, it turns out my foresight in this matter, although misplaced, was a good idea.

I took the baggie out of the fridge and lightly knocked it into a wall, figuring I'd begin the "cracking of the eggs" process before I got to my desk. Really just more for amusement than any other functionality. If you saw the floor around my desk, you'd be able to tell that I usually wait until I get to my desk and then don't do a very good job of getting all the peels into the garbage. I figure it's like urban composting.

But I digress. So the bag knocks lightly into the wall, and I see a larger crack in the egg than I expected. And I realize the yolk looks more yellow (is yellower a word) than I expected. And I see nothing that resembles an egg white that has been previously boiled. And I realize that they eggs are raw.

Yes, RAW!

So now you're probably thinking that I took them from the wrong carton in the fridge, rather than the one that is carfully marked "HB" with a little smiley face drawn into the picture of the egg. But you'd be thinking incorrectly. I took eggs that had been sitting next to the butter dish in the door of the fridge, exactly where one might think hard-boiled eggs would be put if there was no room in the carton. And because WHY WOULD RAW EGGS NOT BE IN A CARTON?!

Needless to say, Ronaldo has some 'splaining to do!

Christine and Ann thought the whole thing was pretty funny. What would have made it better, is if they'd been someone elses....


madduxfan31 said...

All I know is that they were hard-boiled when I placed them by the butter dish.

Personally, I suspect Wayne, or maybe Aryeh. Actually, this sounds more like Ann's work with some influence from Mimi. It's a conspiracy!

(Mr.Lentil Bowl, Esq.)
(madduxfan31, who's really
madduxfan36 now)

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