Tuesday, September 26, 2006

sleep talking

Ronnie and I were in Chicago this past weekend, and at some point, Ronnie was exhausted and crawled into the back seat of our rental car and fell fast asleep. We couldn't get into the house where we were staying, so I just drove aimlessly around. And it was raining really, really hard -the kind of rain that is loud. Very, very loud.

So I'm driving along in the driving rain and at some point I hear Ronnie mumble something from the back seat. But the rain is loud, and he's got his face planted in the seat so I ask him to repeat himself. And I hear a bit more clearly "When did you realize I was a maverick?" But again, it's really, really loud, so I said, "What?" And he says, "When did you realize I was a maverick?" And at this point I realize he's talking in his sleep, and so I answer "tomorrow", because he's asleep, right?

10 minutes later, I hear a mumbling, and I ask, "what?" And Ronnie asks, "Who needs 24 hour guards?" But the rain is still loud, and his face is still planted in the seat so I ask again, "what?" And he replies "Who needs 24 hour guards?" And I reply, "like the president?", and he says, "yeah, like the president." and before I know it, he's snoring again.

I was laughing so hard I couldn't believe he didn't wake up. There were other musings of his that I caught about veal, and Russian rooms and I'm not even sure what else. Later, he claimed that when I answered "tomorrow", he thought it was a little obnoxious of me, but I'm not convinced that he even heard my answer....

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