Friday, January 05, 2007

5am this morning, no hospitals involved

The flight that is supposed to arrive at 12:40pm today took off from JFK last night, and turned around because of engine trouble. They're hoping to get out tomorrow night. When I mentioned to someone that I was alerted to all of this at 5am, they didn't understand why I had been called. Their exact response, "What, did they think that you could fix the plane?" I responded that I have many skills that while not used in my everyday job, could be called on should the timing be right....

I then went to the shuk at about 8am to buy rugelach, because gd forbid there should be a staff oneg without rugelach from Marzipan. It's good, but the chocolate ones are over-rated, in my opinion. The cinnamon ones are definitely better. In any case, I walked out without having showered, and wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt previously stained with amba, a sort of curried mustard sauce that can be put on falafel (and in my case, was also put on my shirt). I was really hoping I didn't see anyone I know. Which I didn't. But the boys at Marzipan still laughed at me. I'm not sure if it was my completely disheveled hair, the fact that I have no voice, or the fact that I handed them a list of what I wanted because I knew I wouldn't be able to actually tell them in a voice they could hear.

I have no voice. And when I do, it's very squeaky. For all the talking on the phone that's required, it's a bit of a problem. Some of it might have to do with the fact that I've only slept about 4 hours a night for the last 3 nights. Probably on Pluto, or some other fast-spinning planet, that would be a full night's sleep.

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lauen b said...

Dude, please get some sleep! I worry about you, bubbeleh! I'm off to Mexico tomorrow for a weeks vacation - you know, to escape this 70 degree Washington winter weather. Looking forward to reading more of your blog upon my return!