Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's Raining Camels and Dogs

Camels: Yesterday on the way up North, I saw a camel and her baby camel. It was pretty cute and I'm not aware that I've ever seen a baby camel before. Someone told me that baby camels are born just at the right height to nurse from their mothers. I think that the reverse might also be true - that the mothers don't grow taller than their babies can reach.

Dogs: Today, for the second time, a dog attacked my car. I'd slowed to let the sheep cross the road (there's a joke here somewhere) and the dogs that were there came up and jumped at my car. Last Friday at Hebrew U, I was driving with someone and four wild dogs attacked my car. Strangely, the person who was in the car with me on Friday was on the phone with me this morning when the dogs attacked. Lesson learned - don't talk to Hal....

Our last bus arrived yesterday. That's 55 in six weeks. Only 9 days to go (I leave in 4...).

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