Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lost in Mea She'arim

Yes, I finally got really lost in Jerusalem. And not just Jerusalem, but Mea She'arim. I needed to find the Prima Hotel. I had an address and a really good map. And at some point when I was only a little lost, I called someone who gave me great directions, but I got a little more lost trying to get out of where I was. I was only a few blocks from where I needed to be, but I wasn't dressed appropriately enough to walk the short distance (read: I was wearing pants). Plus, even if I'd been wearing a skirt, the only skirts I have here are short.

Plus, the streets there are very, very narrow, with cars parked on both sides. It's a little harrowing to drive there when there are people dressed in black running across the streets all the time. The streets aren't so well lit and it's incredible that more people aren't hit by cars. I was lucky in that I only slightly bruised two teenagers.

The end of the story - I gave up the search for the Prima. I'll look again tomorrow...

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