Saturday, February 09, 2008

Landing in Snow

It occured to me as we were landing on a snow-packed runway that maybe planes should have snow tires. Now I know that won't help them land any more smoothly but maybe once we have to taxi on the snow it would be helpful? Or maybe it would help them grip the runway better for take-off?

I flew Northwest on my recent trip to New York. On three of the four flights the pilots were saying good bye and thank you to us as we exited the plane. That's unusual, I think.

More disturbing was how they seated everyone. First they let the first-class folks board. I'm not sure why they do that. So that the rest of us can see how comfortable they are and resent them the rest of the trip? So we can see that they already have beverages in real glasses? Or maybe so we can resent the amount of space they still have overhead for suitcases that we aren't allowed to use?

Then they seat people who need extra time and those sitting in exit rows. I would think with more space in the exit rows, they don't need the extra time. And then, if you are a frequent flyer with Northwest at whatever various levels exist, you can go find your seat. And then, finally, if you are just some average joe who doesn't fly often enough to warrant belonging to a loyalty club and didn't pay enough extra money to sit in first class or evidently an exit row, you can board the plane. And hopefully you don't need to put anything in the overhead bin, because at this point, there isn't any room left.

And don't even think about asking someone if you can move their coat across the aisle so you can use the overhead space. Instead, you can squeeze your suitcase 14 rows back from where you are sitting, which defeats the whole purpose of sitting close to the front in the first place.

Did I mention that the pilot thanked me?

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