Monday, February 25, 2008

Three Bag Week

For the last six months, save for fewer weeks than I can count on one hand, Ronnie and I have generated only one kitchen-size garbage bag worth of trash each week. Everything else gets recycled.

This week, I believe we may be using our third bag. It's possible that it's only the second, but I don't think so. And I'm not sure how it happened. We didn't all of the sudden use twice as much soymilk (and therefore have more cartons to throw away). Actually, those do take up a lot of space. Evidently, there was just a lot of "stuff" to be gotten rid of.

And we recycle a lot. There's some confusion over which plastics and/or bottles can go in the bin so we probably don't recycle everything we can.

On Tuesday mornings when the garbage gets taken, I always notice that our garbage can has one bag in it and our downstairs neighbors have nearly filled theirs to overflowing. They have a baby, but it can't all be diapers. If we could switch our big garbage can with our little recycling bin, we'd be in good shape.

We were at Costco and bought a box of 200 new kitchen garbage bags. That should last us 4 years. Bonus, they are not environmentally safe enough so they won't biodegrade while we wait to use them.


Anonymous said...

I DON'T know why you have less garbage - even tho you're conscientious recyclers, but it might be hereditary. We ALWAYS had MUCH, MUCH less garbage than anyone on the block!?! Mom

Anonymous said...

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