Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Stop that Jew!

I don't usually watch House. And if and when I do, it's usually because Ronnie's taped it and is watching it later. I couldn't have told you that it was on Tuesday nights but evidently it is. I'm sitting in a hotel room trying to get work done and figured I should invite my tv friends to join me. Other than Law and Order reruns and Super Tuesday results I didn't think there was anything on.

Now, I like election returns as much as the next person, but they break into the shows when another state closes, so I figured if there was anything that couldn't wait, I'd hear about it. Which meant I could watch American Idol. Not worth watching really, but worth having on in the background. And then thankfully it was over.

And House began. The first scene was a Jewish wedding, and a fairly observant one at that. They got most of it right, except it didn't appear that any of the women were wearing wigs. The men's beards looked pretty good and certainly better than the Law and Order I saw the other night. I'm pretty sure there that the costumer raided the Amish closet for beards rather than the Jewish closet.

Anyway, later, the husband's mustache looked pretty fake, and I'm pretty sure that someone with an untrimmed beard would have a good haircut, but that's just me. My favorite line - Dr. House has a final idea of what might be ailing the new bride as she's being wheeled into surgery and he calls down the hall, "Stop that Jew!" (And the last two lines of the show had House and Wilson saying "Shabbat Shalom" to each other.)

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