Monday, May 26, 2008

Friday and beyond

I was back up North for Shabbat. They've been doing construction on the Bik'a road for a long time and it seems that almost all of it is done. They've taken some of the mystique out of it, but it is definitely a nicer ride. There are even passing lanes in places now. Unfortunately the only wildlife I saw were a few camels.

Tiberius is hot. And not in the hip, fashionable Paris Hilton sense of the word. About a block away from our hotel there's a supermarket next door to a mini-market. I always wondered how they could exist next door to each other and on Friday afternoon I figured it out. The supermarket sells cold alcoholic drinks. The mini-market sells cold soft drinks.

I bought a flavored water, which I don't usually do. It was litchi-watermelon flavored. It wasn't terrible, just not something that I'd like to do again soon.

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