Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sittin' in the Yellow

Yes, I'm sitting in the Yellow (like a gas station/7-11) working. Tiberius is a great place, even if I'm the only person that thinks so, EXCEPT, they have no wireless internet access anywhere. So here I am, back at the gas station. The advantage is that there is a table near an outlet. This is specifically important because I forgot to charge my computer last night. Had it been fully charged, I would be sitting next door in the Aroma cafe working and eating a great salad for lunch. But the Aroma has no outlets, which I knew before I even got there. As it is, I'm sitting under a ridiculously loud radio drinking grapefruit juice. But at least I'm charging my computer. (i'm up to 54%, in case you were wondering.)

Last night I learned that even in Israel, there's nothing on television at 4am. And what there was, was something I couldn't really figure out. My hotel didn't have cable, so I had three fuzzy channels and one more clear one to choose from. Since I was still tired despite not being able to sleep, I chose the clear channel. It was a pretty regular Israeli station, but at 4am it was showing some sort of reality show following an Arab group of singers trying out for Eurovision. They were speaking in Arabic and I was trying to follow the Hebrew subtitles. By reality tv standards, it wasn't a great show and I'm not expecting to see them singing in any international competitions soon.

Did I mention that the bathrooms on the plane had Lemon Grass Wasabi handsoap?

(up to 61%)


Anonymous said...

It seems like sittin' in the yellow is better than sitting in the yellow snow.

AND Lemongrass/Wasabi soap sounds really good.

Anonymous said...

Are you certain you were flying Delta - and not Thai Airlines?

Anonymous said...

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