Thursday, May 22, 2008


I stayed in Zichron Yakov my first night in Israel. I've never been in a hotel whose room had a residential exterior door for an interior entrance. It was the kind of door that has a semi-circle of glass in the top part of the door so that light can come in. Which is fine if the door is being used to enter a room where no one sleeps. But on a bedroom door, with a lit hallway, it's really not a good idea.

A simple solution for a few hours, was to sleep facing away from the door. But around 3am, the moon (a night away from being full) came shining in the window. It took about 90 minutes for it to move across the window frame. (this was when I learned that there is nothing good on at 4am on television in Israel).

The good news was that the night preceded a visit to Caesaria, which is always good.

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Dennis said...

four words.
Night shades ear plugs