Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Long and Winding Road

I spent Shabbat at the Shalom Hotel located in Bayit Vegan, a neighborhood in Jerusalem where we had 4 busses of participants staying. The students are going to a club tonight, and I'll meet them there later, but first I thought I should come back to the apartment, unpack, check email etc. The catch - I'm fairly inept at driving in Jerusalem. I have a decent map, and I possess a pretty good sense of direction, and yet, I excel at getting lost here. But tonight, I made it from the hotel to the apartment - completely across town - without getting lost once. It didn't hurt that it's really one really, really, long road to take until I hit familiar territory, but still, this is a major cultural accomplishment for me.

More later on the oddities of my Shabbat....

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