Saturday, May 20, 2006

Random Shabbat observations

The hotel was nice. There were 6 busses of birthright folks there (4 of ours, 2 from another organizer), a bus of Koreans, and some nuns. It's also in a fairly observant neighborhood, so there was also a good mix of religious Jews. Needless to say, the pool area was occupied only by the 6 birthright groups.

The food was pretty good, but they evidently over ordered pears and corn. There was a pear salad, and pears in the salad. There were pears used in many deserts, and chocolate covered whole pears. And there were two different corn salads in addition to the corn schnitzel that was available for the vegetarians on Friday night. The first corn salad was corn, with a lot of dill and no apparent dressing, but maybe there was some olive oil? The second corn salad was corn, with a lot of dill, and mayonaise. And for breakfast, there was a corn kugel/quiche. I'm not sure I can really give a description that would do it justice. Suffice it to say there was egg, corn, and of course, some dill. Israelis also eat corn on their pizza, and mixed into tuna salad, so it could just be me that thinks there was a lot of corn (and not a cob in sight)

I realize this might seem strange, but I have to talk about the bathroom in my room. First, in addition to the bathtub/shower and toilet, there was also a bidet. Just not something you see so often, or else I'm hanging out in the wrong places.

The other thing that I think is cool here, is that on the radio Friday afternoon, before Shabbat, the announcers say Shabbat Shalom, and then tonight, they say Shavua Tov (have a good week). Even in the secular community here, the time is marked in Jewish ways.


Anonymous said...

Andrea, this is your cousin Shelton. Your folks sent me your URL.

I'll read the whole thing later but I had to tell you that we've had a bidet for years. You do hang out with the wrong crowd.

I'm going to have to set up a blog for our travels. What a neat way to keep up with everyone who cares.

madduxfan31 said...

Who needs a bidet? I just use the sink.