Friday, May 19, 2006

Lost in Translation

Well, in case you were wondering, it turns out that if you can't watch Lost on streaming video unless you're accessing the internet from the US. I can't decide what bothers me more. Not being able to see the season finale, or that they (you know, the ubiqitous "they") know from whence I surf.

What I can watch on television here though includes programs in Hebrew (duh), Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, English, French and Hindi (I'm not so up on the other Indian languages, but it sounds like Hindi to me). What is very clear, is that very few of the people on any of the channels are ready for HDTV.


Biscuit's Oven said...

If you're desperate for news on Lost, you can check out - they do short recaps and extensive ones. No video, but you can imagine, can't you?

madduxfan31 said...

It's all glossolalia to me. Hmm . . . I could go for a good word salad right about now.

madduxfan31 said...

Biscuit's Oven: JINX!