Thursday, June 22, 2006

As seen through the windshield...

We're driving yesterday and there's a religious man driving the car in front of us. We could tell because he had a big head of grey hair and a big black kipah. And his payes (at least on the right side) were sticking straight out from his head. He looked a little Shrek-like, but not as green. But then, while stopped at a light, he took his left payes in his left hand, and his right payes in his right hand, twirled them around his fingers, and then proceeded to bring them up over the top of his head, tie them together, and slip them under his kipah. I haven't laughed so hard since we drove all the way to Katzrin last year with no clue of how to find the winery.


madduxfan31 said...

Hey Toby!

I met this cute guy in a parking lot. He was flirting with me (and I was flirting back shamelessly), but I didn't get his name or number. When I returned to my car later that night, a tail light was broken! Do you think he was saying that he'd be broken-hearted until he saw me again?? If not, should I call the police?

Just Understand I'm Cute Y'all

Anonymous said...

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