Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hotel + Prison + Spaceship = Hostel

I spent this Shabbat at the new Young Judea Youth Hostel. It's a brand new facility and really nice, (which is the only part that is hotel-like), but the rooms are sort of funny.

The room I was in was clearly made to house four people. I've never seen murphybeds for the top bunk bed, but there they were. And the bathroom was all stainless steel (like a prison). There was an orange curtain on the window, but no lining to prevent the sun from streaming in at 5am. And this led to a really strange glow in the room (like a spaceship) at 5am.

The food was decent, but it was definitely a hostel. How could I tell - it's the only place in Israel I've seen peanut butter. And the bed was like a big log plank with a sheet. I've never slept on a bed like that - I think that would be considered prison-like, if I were still looking for similarities.

And I know I tend to write a lot about the bathrooms I've seen, so this hostel shouldn't be any different, right? Ok - here's what was strange - for a room built to house four people - there was only one towel hook. Anywhere in the whole room, And the only hook I saw was on the door of the bathroom - not close enough to reach by someone in the shower unless the bathroom door was open, which if you're living with three other people, it probably isn't. The fact that there was a hook anywhere at all indicated that while the fixtures were all stainless, it was, in fact, not a prison.

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