Saturday, June 03, 2006

Normal, pt. 2

There are more than a few different "normals" in Israel. One is the way I spend Shabbat when I'm working here - in various pluralistic modes of celebrating Shabbat. And for a good number of people here, they do this when they aren't here working. :) Today Steve, Galit, Lotem and I went to the beach in Caesaria. It wasn't as crowded or even as hot as I expected and in the shade, it was downright pleasant.

As always, we saw our share of characters on the beach. There was one woman in particular (pictured to the right) that I specifically asked Steve to take a picture of. Between the Brock-a-brella and the swimsuit - really - even the picture doesn't do her justice. For those of you who have been to Chamat Gader, the one similarity we found on the Caesaria beach were large Russian men in speedos. We were extremely fortunate not to also find the larger Russian women in bikinis.

Given that it is the Sabbath, I did not leave my daily voice mail for Ayelet. Plus, she was here and I saw her. I think that there is probably some opinion that would say that because of the Sabbath I should have left her two....

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